The Rolex Flagship Model - The Datejust

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Rolex has been one of the most luxurious watch brands for over a century. Its experience in the field of watch producing has made it the most sought right after watch brand. People really feel extremely proud to own a Rolex. Over the years, Rolex has innovated numerous models, all of which have delighted their buyers.

 Datejust Rolex was introduced in 1945 to mark the 40th anniversary of Rolex. Through the years, several modifications had been created to this model to maintain up with the technological advancements inside the watch market. The earliest Datejust models have been introduced having a coin edge bezel, which was later replaced by a brand new fluted bezel together with a bigger crown. Inside the mid-50s, Rolex introduced the Datejust together with the cyclops-the magnifying bubble that is placed more than the date around the watchs crystal. In 1956, Rolex released a Datejust model referred to as the Thunderbird that featured a Turn-O-Graph gold bezel.

 Other substantial alterations made to the Datejust Rolex - creating the model a lot more common - are:

 The Quick-Set feature. This was added for the watch and permitted swift adjustment of the date function with out turning the crown over and over once again.

 The new sapphire crystal, in place on the old domed plastic crystal. This allowed much better waterproof security and scratch resistance, thus improving the aesthetics and durability from the watch.

 The old pie-pan dial was discarded to match the smaller and slimmer profile from the newly introduced sapphire crystal.

 The smaller sized version of Datejust the Oyster Date was introduced.

 Right now, you get each the Rolex Ladies Datejust and Mens Rolex Datejust at a size that is 80% on the original Datejust. The Two Tone Datejust models are also really well-liked. The immense good results of Datejust Rolex has led towards the introduction of stainless steel, white gold and platinum models aside from the usual 18kt yellow gold. To produce Datejust Rolex go with the current trends, the alternatives of a Jubilee bracelet, an Oyster bracelet and a leather strap are also produced obtainable.

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